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Enbridge Northern Gateway’s Year in Review

December 15, 2014

Enbridge Northern Gateway’s Year in Review: opposition shows strength in numbers

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Jack Talstra earned the admiration and respect of all, says Cullen

December 05, 2014

The breadth and volume of tributes pouring in for former Terrace mayor Jack Talstra following his passing early today are a testament to the high regard and affection Northwest communities have for an extraordinary man, says Nathan Cullen.

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Cullen tells Conservatives to fight US materials policy for new Rupert terminal

November 26, 2014

Nathan Cullen rose in Parliament today to demand the Conservative government intervene in the planned construction of a US ferry terminal in Prince Rupert using only American materials. 

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News from NDP.ca

Statement by the Official Opposition on Stephen Harper’s refusal to launch an inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women

Official Opposition Aboriginal Affairs critic Jean Crowder (Nanaimo – Cowichan) and Status of Women critic Niki Ashton (Churchill) made the following statement on Stephen Harper’s...


The big blue propaganda machine

The NDP is denouncing the Conservatives for their use of tax payer money to finance a propaganda machine and mislead Canadians.

“This big blue propaganda machine is scandalous,”...


POLITICAL LOWLIGHTS OF 2014 – #12: Stephen Harper Attacks the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice

In 2014, we saw a Conservative government plagued by scandals, out of touch with challenges facing Canadians and preoccupied with photo-ops and their own partisan interests. Meanwhile, Justin...


Nouvelles de NPD.ca

Déclaration de l’opposition officielle concernant le refus de Stephen Harper de tenir une enquête sur les femmes autochtones disparues ou assassinées

La porte-parole de l’opposition officielle en matière d’affaires autochtones, Jean Crowder, (Nanaimo – Cowichan) et la porte-parole en matière de condition...

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La grosse machine bleue de propagande

Le NPD condamne la décision du gouvernement conservateur d’utiliser l’argent des contribuables pour financer leur machine à propagande qui va induire en erreur les...

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LES PIRES BASSESSES POLITIQUES DE 2014 – Nº12 : Stephen Harper s’attaque à la Cour suprême et à sa juge en chef

En 2014, nous avons eu un gouvernement conservateur éclaboussé par les scandales, déconnecté de la réalité des Canadiens et uniquement...

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