How do I arrange for birthday or anniversary greetings from the Queen?

If you are interested in commemorating a special birthday or anniversary, my office can help.

Just give us six weeks notice and we will send a certificate recognizing birthdays and anniversaries of friends and family. For a message from the Queen, please give us eight weeks notice.

Birthdays (please send proof of birth):
Any birthday: message from the Member of Parliament
65th and over: message from the Prime Minister
90th and over: message from the Governor General
100th and every 5th year thereafter: message from Her Majesty the Queen

Wedding Anniversaries (please send copy of marriage certificate):
Any anniversary: message from the Member of Parliament
25th and over: message from the Prime Minister
50th and over: message from Governor General
60th and 5th year thereafter: message from Her Majesty the Queen

Where do I find Social Insurance Number (SIN) information?

For Social Insurance Number (SIN) information specific to Canada, please visit the SIN website.

Here you’ll find an overview of the Government of Canada SIN program, as well as information on how to apply for a first-time number, a replacement card, or an amendment to your record and/or card.

The site also contains forms and publications and proof-of-identity requirements for applying for a SIN.

Where do I find information about Parliament?

Please visit the Parliament of Canada website, which is managed jointly by the parliamentary institutions – the Senate and the House of Commons – and the Library of Parliament.

Here you’ll find information on current parliamentarians and what’s going on in the House, Senate and parliamentary committees. There are also useful links to many related areas of interest.

How do I contact the Prime Minister?

To go the Office of the Prime Minister, please visit the PMO website.

You’ll find contact information, news from the Prime Minister’s Office, and sections on the budget, First Ministers’ Meetings, Speech from the Throne, and economic and fiscal updates.

Am I registered to vote?

Please visit the Elections Canada Voter Registration Site on the Elections Canada website to verify your voter status.

This site contains the National Register of Electors, a database containing basic information – name, gender, date of birth and address — of Canadians who are qualified to vote. It is used to produce voter lists when an election is called.

The site also contains useful information about voter demographics, political parties, electoral law and policy and much more.

Where can I get help with complaints or concerns about telecommunications services?

The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) is an independent agency whose role is to resolve consumer and small business complaints relating to most telecom services. This includes wireless, home phone and long distance, and internet access. Customers unable to resolve a complaint may file with the CCTS for a fair, impartial and independent review.

More information about the CCTS and how to file a complaint may be found at
www.ccts-cprst.ca or Toll-free at 1-888-221-1687.

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If you have further questions, we will do what we can to help you. Please contact us at our Smithers constituency office (877-4140), our Terrace constituency office (615-5339), or on our toll free line (1-888-622-0212).